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Contact us for $80 exam special. This will include free intra-oral X rays and intra-oral digital photos, plus a comprehensive treatment plan with different options for you to consider.
This special does not include a full face X ray.
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Looking for a professional dentist in Tauranga?

Making regular visit to your local dentist is the only way to keep your teeth healthy and clean, and to catch dental problems early so that they can be treated quickly, safely and cheaply. 

At Pyes Pa Dentists, you can find a wide range of professional and affordable dental services, from regular, cosmetic to emergency dentistry. Our team of qualified dentists will make sure your smile is always at its brightest!

Feel free to call or email us to make an appointment at your time of convenience.

Our contact details are as below:

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Pyes Pa Dentists
10/83 Pyes Pa Road, Tauranga

07 577 1478  
E mail:

Fax: 07 929 7013

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We know quality and value are important in dentistry

We assure you we only use quality products to deliver our services and we are willing to guarantee our services. 

We take pride in our work

At Pyes Pa Dentists, we perform dentistry to the highest standard and utilise modern equipment and techniques. We strongly believe in the quality of our dental care, so much that we offer you a guarantee on our work.

All our recommended fillings are guaranteed for a period of 12 months, and our crowns up to 5 years, as long as you make regular visit to maintain our restoration. 

The importance of your smile

“A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear” – This is absolutely true in all aspects of our modern life, from relationship, love to career and success. And our highly experienced and dedicated team of dental hygienists are here to maintain your brightest smile.

Plus, as your teeth play a significant role in your digestive process, let’s keep them healthy to make sure your body have all the nutrition it needs.
To maintain your healthy smile, call 07 577 1478 today


Amazing 5 step dental system designed to restore any smile and create life changing experiences.
Yes you will love your dentist after this experience!

If you would like to quickly restore your confidence in your teeth, create that new smile, whiten your teeth or just have a thorough examination ….here’s a FREE OFFER from our boutique dental practice. 
Free consultation to meet us and discuss your dental needs.
 We know you have many questions when it comes to dental treatment.  There are so many different options and you don't know what to do next.
You may think there is no more hope for your teeth?
You may feel afraid of ridicule.


That is why we are here.

We want to get to know you and discover your needs.
We can go through our simple 5 step ReNew Plan to customise a road map for your mouth.

DON'T HESITATE, contact us today for your free consultation!

GUARANTEE:  if you are not satisfied after step 2 of our 5 step program, we will pay for your examination at another dentist.

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