Dental Exam and Xray

Dental Examination and X-ray Services

"Dental exam is an important procedure in determining your overall dental and oral health. At Pyes Pa Dentists, we provide full mouth examination to check if your teeth and gums are healthy and to know if you need any treatment. 

We conduct dental X-rays of our patient’s mouth. This is done to assist with initial diagnosis during the examination, and to help us with the prognosis later on. "

Panoramic X-rays

"We specialise in the use of panoramic X-rays. This type of X-ray provides our dentists with a broad view of the patient’s teeth, jaws, jaw joints, sinuses and nasal area. This advanced machine takes single X-rays of the patient’s head, from their eyes down to the mid neck, from ear to ear. 

The X-ray provides an overview of the patient’s mouth, including hard-to-reach areas. This allows us to easily detect impacted teeth, infections, fractures, as well as bone abnormalities, cysts and solid growths or tumours. It also helps in checking periodontal disease symptoms, such as hard tissue changes in the bone supporting the teeth.

As the dental X-ray also gives a complete view of the teeth from the crown down to the root, it is easier to detect abscesses, impacted wisdom tooth and even ill-fitting restorations. Sinus abnormalities can also be seen through the X-ray.

Contact us for more information or to set an appointment in our Tauranga clinic."

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