Get your teeth straight with Fastbraces®

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"If you’re looking for a fast, safe and affordable orthodontics in Tauranga  to straighten your teeth, we have good news!"
"We can treat certain cases in less than half the time of conventional orthodontic treatment. That means your speed braces  will cost you much less than conventional methods!"

-Dr Riaan Kriek
Master Provider
We are proud to announce that we have Master Provider status with . (Dallas Texas, USA) 

How effective is Fastbraces®?

Sometimes your teeth can erupt improperly, affecting your overall appearance and wellbeing. That’s when Fastbraces® Technology comes into play. 

It allows for movement of the roots of the teeth towards their final positions from the beginning of treatment by torqueing them from the very first appointment. At the result, your teeth will be straightened in a fast, safe and affordable manner.
Old Style Traditional Braces

1. University Tested 
2. Used for Decades 
3. Square Brackets 
4. Complex Treatment 
5. Often Changes to Natural Bite 
6. Extractions Often Needed 
7. Multiple Wires used (Wire changes)
8. Typically 1.5-3 Years 
9. Typically High Cost 
10. Delayed Root Movement
11. Pain Issues Reported 
12. Typically 24/7 Retainers

Why choose Fastbraces®?

It is fast, with treatment duration from 3 months up to 1 year.
It is safe, with a 25 year history of thousands of successful treatments
It is affordable, costing less than traditional orthodontic treatment.
 New Technology Fastbraces®

1.  University Tested
2. Used for Over 20 Years
3. Triangular Brackets
4. Simple Treatment
5. Natural Bite Preserved
6. Almost Always Non-extraction
7. Just One-Wire
8. 3 Months to About a Year
9. Typically Lower Cost
10. Immediate Root Movement
11. Pain Reduction Statistically
12. Typically 15-20 Min./Day Retainers

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